On May 2, 2019 the final workshop of EU “ERASMUS + DOCMEN” project took place at Cracow University of Technology, Poland.

The coordinator of the program is Cracow University of Technology, Poland. The aim of the project was to develop and introduce innovative curricula in Informatics and Computer engineering, Microelectronics and Engineering.

The partner universities of the program were from Armenia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

From Gavar State University the Head of the Chair of Informatics and Physico- mathematical Sciences, Varazdat Avetisyan participated in the final workshop and presented a summary report on the activities carried out within EU “DOCMEN” project at GSU. The main results of the project are the launch of a new computer classroom at GSU, equipped with modern computers and smart board.

Six representatives of the Faculty of Informatics and Physico- mathematical Sciences of GSU participated in trainings organized in a number of leading universities in Italy, Poland and Bulgaria.

As a result of the project, innovative training programs on Computer engineering and Microelectronics have been developed, introduced and modernized in partner universities.


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