Representatives of Gavar State University participated in the workshop of EU “ERASMUS + SMART” project, which took place at Varna University of Management in the Republic of Bulgaria.
The workshop started with the greeting speeches of the project coordinator – Nikos Zaharis. Rector of Gavar State University- Ruzanna Hakobyan,  Rector of Brusov State University – Karine Harutyunyan.

During the workshop, the actions envisaged by the project, their process and results were discussed. The works done, the objective difficulties and challenges conditioned by the new coronavirus (COVID-19), martial law declared in Armenia in 2020, the ways to overcoming them, were presented. Lilit Torchyan, Head of Foreign Relations and Media Department, presented the achievements of the project at Gavar State University, and Gurgen Muradyan, Member of the Project Working Group, Chief Accountant of the University, participated in the discussions on “ERASMUS + SMART” financial issues.

Elena Simciuc, Project Officer, presented the SMART CHANNEL, a virtual platform designed to increase the effectiveness of the project results and ensure continuity.

Issues related to the preparation of general financial reports of the project, the website, the dissemination activities, were discussed. They touched upon the issues related to the results of the monitoring carried out by “ERASMUS +” national offices in the universities, the proposals were discussed.

At the end of the workshop, the upcoming activities were outlined.

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