Dear students,


We are pleased to inform you that on September 2-3, 2021 an international online hackathon for students of partner universities of Armenia, Belarus and Moldova will be held within the framework of EU “ERASMUS + SMART. Fostering University-Enterprise Cooperation and Entrepreneurship of Students via Smart Caffes (SMART)” project.

Typically, a hackathon is a competition that encourages participants to come up with relevant and innovative solutions to a business or social problem. Hackathons’ goals vary and may include, inter alia:

  • development of new products, services or functions
  • adoption of new technologies and digital transformation
  • establishing partnerships with innovative start-ups
  • talent search by testing professional expertise and soft skills of potential new employees in real-life environment
  • boosting own team’s creativity
  • collecting original ideas re a company’s new marketing strategies and communication campaigns, etc.

To apply to the program you should be registered with the following link:

For more information about the hackathon you can visit the following link: 

Should you have any questions, contact:

GSU Department of Foreign Relations and Media

Phone: 060-46-12-99

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