Gavar State University is a partner of EU “ERASMUS + FLEXWBL. Development of A Flexible, Innovative and Practical Framework for Work-Based Learning in Higher Education of Armenia and Russia” international project.

The goal of the project is to create a platform for work-based learning in the higher education systems of Armenia and Russia, creating a bridge between supply and demand through education-labor market, university-employer relations. During the project, the methods of organizing education for students in the working environment, in the workplace, appropriate tools and structures will be designed for the development of modules in accordance with the requirements of employers, with the purpose of their implementation.

Within the framework of the program, a regular workshop was held on December 02, 2020. A number of issues related to the quality assurance of the work-based learning and program quality were discussed during the workshop. The Austrian partners presented the possible version of the structure of the mentioned framework, clarified the tasks envisaged by the other work packages.

The working meeting was attended by the representatives of Armenian partner universities: Gavar State University, National University of Architecture and Construction, Brusov State University, as well as universities of Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Universities of Don-Rostov, Perm, Tver.

From Gavar State University Head of the Foreign Relations and Media Department Lilit Torchyan participated in the workshop.

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