On October 6 – 12, 2019 Lecturers of Gavar State University Naira Iskandaryan and Anik Balagozyan were invited to give lectures at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy within the framework of the EU “Erasmus + KA 1” program.

They gave lectures, practical lessons, and shared their teaching experience. In particular, Naira Iskandaryan gave a lecture on freedom and rights of Armenian women presenting how the issues related to women’s freedom and choice were reflected in Armenian literature of the early 20th century, and what solutions are currently put forward for them. In another lecture, Mrs. Iskandaryan touched upon the issue of the recognition of Armenian Genocide based on the analysis of a Turkish writer. The lectures, attended by lecturers of University of Sapienza, were followed by active discussions.

Anik Balagozyan presented her experience of English teaching. The lectures were followed by presentations, in an interesting and lively atmosphere. Mrs. Balagozyan made all students as direct participants in the lessons using interactive methods. The lectures were attended by lecturers from University of Sapienza who expressed their satisfaction with such effective teaching classes.

The host university highly appreciated the work, the methods and the teaching experience of GSU lecturers.

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