On March 30 -April 7, 2019 a regular workshop of EU “ERASMUS+ MENVIPRO” project took place in Lisbon University, Portugal and in Viterbo University, Italy.

From Gavar State University Nelly Kutuzyan, Vice-Rector for Academic and Scientific Affairs and Marine Hovhannisyan, Lecturer at the Department of Biology, Ecology and Healthy Lifestyle, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, participated in the workshop.

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of education programs in the field of environmental protection in Armenia and Georgia, modernize subject programs based on the Bologna Declaration, the Salzburg Principles, the European University Association (EAA) as well as the best practices of leading European universities, taking into account the current achievements of educational technologies.

The program emphasizes the close links between postgraduate education and research activities in order to arm graduates with new knowledges and practical skills.

In order to upgrade the education of environmental protection, a unique interuniversity educational and research laboratory will be set up within the framework of the project, where student research projects and different programs will be implemented in cooperation with external stakeholders.

During the workshop infrastructures, resources of Gavar State University and accreditation processes of the universities of the Republic of Armenia were presented.

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