Dear GSU Academic staff,

Gavar State University announces a contest for GSU Academic staff to participate in trainings within the framework of EU “Erasmus + KA2 Fostering university-enterprise
cooperation and entrepreneurship of students via SMART Caffes” programme.

Trainings will take place in Yerevan, with the following schedule;

  February 11-16 March 11-15 April 8-12






How innovation works


Start – up finances


EU opportunities: programmes, funds, initiatives and available resources
Idea Generation


Marketing and branding Ongoing calls for potential beneficiaries: how to apply
Minimal Viable Products


Business model development


Supporting services.
Market analysis and approach


Intellectual property rights and legal basis Local resources: field visits in the host country to visit services.


 Trainers from-Starting -Alexander Technological

Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEI), Greece

Supporting  -Catholic University of Murcia(UCAM), Spain

Starting- Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid (VIVES), Belgium.


At the end of the trainings the participants will receive certificates.
To apply to the programme GSU Academic staff must send CV to the following email address։

Application deadline: February 03, 2019 
For more information contact the Department of Foreign Relations and Media of GSU.
Phone: 060-46-12-64, 060-46-12-99.

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