On September 20-21, 2018 the regular workshop took place within EU “Erasmus+ DOCMEN” project in Turin Polytechnic University, Italy. Besides, the training was conducted for the academic staff members of the participating universities, including Gavar State University.

Erasmus+ “DOCMEN” project is coordinated by Krakow Technological University, Poland.  The aim of the project is to develop and implement innovative curricula in informatics and computing, microelectronics and engineering. Higher education institutions from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Germany are involved in the project.  Varazdat Avetisyan – the Head of the Chair of Informatics and Physical-Mathematical Sciences participated in the workshop. The GSU representative delivered a presentation on the improvement activities of the Computer Engineering Educational Programme, the use of specialized computer classroom in the educational process, the developed manuals and their effectiveness indicators in the framework of the DOCMEN project.

After the reports, the monitoring issues concerning DOCMEN project’s implementation in HEIs as well as the results’ analysis were discussed. The training focused on the establishment of “Startup” centers in the field of high technologies, the right choice of business model, the interconnection of the learning process and internship, the application of effectiveness assessment tools.



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