Within EU ”Erasmus+” International Academic Mobility Programme Public Lectures were held at Gavar State University. 
The lectures were delivered by the professors coming from the University of Coruna, Spain – Oanta Alexandra Gabriela and Artak Mkrtichyan – leading Professors in Public International Law, European Union Law and International Relations.


Gavar State University students, academic and administrative staff members attended the lectures.

Oanta Alexandra Gabriela delivered a lecture on “Dignity Right and the European Union”.
The speaker presented the human dignity, addressing human dignity as a fundamental constitutional principle and fundamental right, highlighted the human dignity as a person’s right to self-defense, with emphasis on clearly operating mechanisms of legal settlement of human dignity.

Artak Mkrtichyan conducted a lecture on “Land-locked States and International Law”.
The speaker touched upon the international legal status, opportunities and prospects of Land-locked States, including the Republic of Armenia. He noted that for the first time the issue of land-locked States has been seriously reflected in the Convention on Transit Trade of Land-locked States.
Presenting the main provisions of the Convention on Transit Trade of Land-locked States, Mr. Mkrtichyan mentioned that a number of international organizations, including the United Nations, have signed numerous agreements on the issue. 
The lecturers answered all the questions raised by the attendees. 
At the end of the meeting, the guests visited the GSU History Museum after Varsham Avetyan.

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