Erasmus+ FLEXWBL Project



Development of a flexible, innovative and practical framework for work-based learning in higher education of Armenia and Russia (FLEXWBL)




Liepajas Universitate – Latvia
Duration 36 months (2019-2022)
Partners ·         Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (YSULSS)

·         National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA)

·         Gavar State University (GSU)

·         Klaipedos Universitetas – Lithuania

·         Private Padagogische Hochshule der Dioseze Linz – Austria

·         Don State Technical University

·         Tver State University

·         Perm State University

·         Federal State Budgetary Educational Organization of Additional Professional Education Advanced Training Institute of Managerial Workers and Specialists Federal Service For Hydro-meteorology and Environmental Monitoring



Armenia and Russia have a long tradition of working with part-time students combining work and learning. Ministries of Education and Science of the two countries put a great attention and focus mainly on the dual model of education for full-time students. This decision was very fruitful for the development of university-enterprise cooperation. However, opposite to this we see many students working at various companies and work places who are not involved in the systematic institutional relations with dual education due to various reasons: companies and universities are not ready to develop dual education systematically, it is not so easy for HEIs to find real partners for a group of students and so on. We offer to develop a new opportunity – flexible WBL Framework, which is suitable for any student who combines learning and work at any enterprise and could be developed by any university without special approval from authorities. That is the main reason why our consortium tries to find university without special approval from authorities. That is the main reason why our consortium tries to find funding and partners to obtain professional expertise and gain knowledge and skills of creation of WBL for the study programme delivery in different subjects.