Development of two cycle innovative curricula in microelectronic engineeringDOCMEN is aimed at modernisation and internationalisation of the HE in microelectronics in the targeted Universities in AM, IL, KZ through innovation of two cycle curricula in line with the new development in the area, the labour market demand and according to the Bologna Process.



The wider objective of the project is to enhance the quality and relevance of six existing Master (MA) programmes in Finance in Armenia and Moldova through targeted reforms. The subject of Finance was chosen, as it is a crucial factor for economic development and skilled graduates in this field are coveted by the business community and the public sector alike. At the same time studies evidence a need for reforms with regard to contents, teaching methodologies and the labour market relevance of study programmes. 




Armenia is the country where the bio-based and agricultural production in general are among the most important economic sectors, where the agricultural scientists, bioscientists and biotechnologists are among the most demanded professions. The modern agricultural and food production sector need skills and credentials that place them above and beyond the crowd. In fact, more than ever, agricultural production sectors, food institutions, corporations, government laboratories and agencies, non-profits, and other industrial sectors are demanding that their science-educated employees also command various business-related skills and entrepreneurship. In parallel there is a big gap between the enterprises and the education, MSc programmes in general are not harmonized with the requirements of the actively growing bio-based products sector. Undressing the national education and science development priorities ABioNet Project is trying to fill the gaps between the education and entrepreneurship and innovation. The ABioNet will create and deliver new curricula on bio products science and technology taking into account the best practices of EU universities within newly established platform for effective collaboration between the universities, research centres and enterprises and to promote innovations in the field of Bio based production. The idea to set up such kind of network within set up resources which are virtually linked in one platform and allowed the mobility of the students and staff between Armenian HEIs and other partner in Armenia and in EU is new in Armenian community.


This project proposal is concrete response to the challenges that address Armenia, Moldova, Belarus (its detailed description is provided in application form). It aim to encourage students’ entrepreneurial intent and support open innovation approach in collaboration between companies and universities in creative, supportive and motivating environment – SMART Caffes. The core idea is to provoke (stimulate, motivate) students and young researchers to actively use their intellectual potential to generate innovative ideas. During this process student teams will have the opportunity to be mentored, guided and advised by company representatives and university staff.


The main objective of MENVIPRO project is to significantly improve the quality of Master of Science (MSc.) studies in the field of Environment Protection in Armenia and Georgia on the basis of complex modernization of the curricula in line with the Bologna principles. In order to radically modernize the Master’s level education in Environmental Protection- technology-intensive domain of knowledge – the project will establish a unique inter-University education and research facility (airlab), which will be used for student projects, collaborative projects with external stakeholders and demonstration activities to reinforce links to the University environment and promote environment-friendly mindsets.

MENVIPRO project is an important achievement not for only the project partner Universities and the external stakeholders, but also is an important factor for the investment of the outcomes, for the continuous improvement, modernization, internationalization of higher education, for the strengthening of the cooperation between education and industry, as well as for the experience exchange between the EU and Armenian and Georgian higher education institutions.