“Tourism Paths of the Black Sea Region” Project

Coordinator- Region of Central Macedonia, Greece
Duration- 24 Months (2014-2016)

– Region of Central Macedonia, Greece
– Institute of Market and Economic-Ecological Researches of the National Academy of Science, Ukraine
– International Center for Caucasus Tourism, Georgia
– Ecological Counseling Center Cahu, Republic of Moldova
– NGO Agricola, Ukraine
– District Government of Burgas, Bulgaria
– Gavar State University, Armenia
– Trakya Development Agency, Turkey
– East Marmara Development Agency, Turkey

Overall Objective
The project is aiming to establish a strong cooperation between the partners’ organizations from different social, economical and regional aspect countries, in order to achieve economic, social and tourism development based on common resources.

Specific Objectives
1. To create a network of all the tourism factors of the region for the sustainable development of tourism in the Black Sea basin Area.
2. To enhance the benefits of the producers of traditional products by creating a cross-border network.
3. To organize events, to joint promote their products on the European and Black Sea Basin market
4. To promote traditional tastes and foods of the Black Sea Region.

Main Activities
– Systematizing all relevant information, available in each country, establishing a research based questionnaires, used to quantify the public awareness of the current situation, regarding tourism and traditional products.
– Organizing workshops, with the participation of a Group of Experts, where detailed presentation of the current situation will be examined.
– Organizing a roundtable, in order to discuss any aspects of common strategy.
– Implementing exhibitions with traditional products, with the participation of local authorities, to promote the idea of the Traditional Products based Tourism.
– Organizing various festivals, including events, road shows and press conferences.

Expected results
– Economic growth through the development of tourism activities – it is expected to be achieved a high level of recognition of the traditional products of the Region and an increase on the tourists flow into the Region.
– Increased work of the tourism operators and the establishment of new, modern types of tourism in the selected area, like rural and culinary.
– Trade Balance Improvement.
– Establishment of a strong cooperation between organizations working in the same sector from different countries.

Project Website:  www.blacksea-cbc.net