Within its internationalization strategy Gavar State University seeks to:

  • Study and apply advanced foreign experience
  • Invest modern teaching technologies and methods
  • Study the best international mechanisms to organize GSU educational process
  • Expand international cooperation of the University
  • Implement academic mobility programmes for students, academic and administrative staff
  • Develop partnerships to implement social programmes for internal and external stakeholders
  • Expand internship opportunities based on different organizations
  • Provide the internationalization of the University

 The University carries out the following activities to have the best results in the above-   mentioned areas:

  • Study, comparative analysis and localization (application of benchmarking mechanisms) of the best practice of the universities with similar educational programmes in the Republic of Armenia
  • Cooperation with other educational, scientific, cultural organizations
  • Proper presentation and advertisement of GSU educational services by all possible means
  • Expansion of the communication with the public sector, campaign organization in all the communities of Gegharkunik Region
  • Contribution to the high school graduates’ professional orientation
  • Academic staff members’ participation in international and national scientific conferences, promotion of research results’ publication in international scientific periodicals
  • Purposeful work with international companies as well as donor organizations

  The following strategies are directed to achieving internationalization objectives of GSU

  • Identifying the main priority areas of GSU international cooperation
  • Broadening the scope of international activities in GSU faculties
  • Improvement of the information basis for GSU international activities
  • Development of cooperation with foreign universities in joint programmes
  • Involvement of students and staff in international mobility programmes
  • Creating favorable conditions for foreign students and visiting professors
  • Long-term cooperation contracts and establishment of joint research centers
  • Involvement of GSU academic units in the international programmes