On April 28-30, 2021 a three-day workshop of EU “ERASMUS + FLEXWBL” project was held within the framework of “Work-Based Education Regulation Framework” work package, initiated by the partners of the University of Linz, Austria.

During the meeting, the representatives of the partner universities discussed the issues included in the agenda in working groups.

On the first day of the meeting, the main components of the work-based education program, its peculiarities, the vision of the universities related to the implementation of the program, the positive aspects of the program for internal and external beneficiaries, and the ways of raising awareness of work-based education, were discussed.

During the second working day, the components of the curriculum of the work-based educational program, the educational results and the principles of evaluation and assessment of the latter, were discussed.

During the third working day, a number of issues related to the necessary structural and human resources for the implementation of the program, the use of information and distance learning technologies, as well as the development, planning and implementation of the program, were discussed.

At the end of the meeting, the upcoming actions were clarified.

From Gavar State University Vice-rector on Educational and Scientific Affairs Nelli Kutuzyan, Head of Foreign Relations and Media Department Lilit Torchyan,  Head of the Chair of Informatics and Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Executive Director of “Luseen Mobile” LLC Varazdat Avetisyan, participated at the workshop.

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