Gavar State University is a member of “ERASMUS + FLEXWBL. Development of A Flexible, Innovative and Practical Framework for Work-Based Learning in Higher Education of Armenia and Russia” project. On July 31, 2020 the regular workshop took place within the framework of the project.

During the workshop, the activities envisaged according to the project work packages were discussed, the upcoming activities and schedule were clarified, the components of the work-based learning regulatory framework were presented, and the actions related to the completion of the official project website were highlighted.

The members represented the universities of Doni-Rostov, Perm, Tver of the Russian Federation, Liepaja University of Latvia, Lithuanian University, Gavar State University and Brusov State Universy from Armenia. From Gavar State University Vice-Rector on Educational and Scientific Affairs Nelli Kutuzyan and Head of the Foreign Relations and Media Department Lilit Torchyan participated in the workshop.

It is planned to convene the next workshop on August 28, 2020.

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