Today, a Report Meeting took place at Gavar State University within the framework of EU “Erasmus+” International Credit Mobility Programme.

The Reports were delivered by Rafik Martirosyan, 1st year MA student of the Department of Finance, Money Transfer and Credit , the Faculty of Economics, Melita Avagyan and Edik Zazyan, 3rd and 4th year students of the Department of Law, the Faculties of Humanities and Part-time Education, Norayr Buniatian, a 4th year student of the Department of Accounting, the Faculty of Economics, who had been studied a semester at the Universities of Salamanca and Almeria, Spain within the framework of the EU Erasmus + International Academic Mobility Program.

The meeting was attended by GSU Administrative and Academic staff members, students, pupils from different schools of Gegharkunik region, as well as students from St. Petersburg State University of Economics visited Gavar State University to conduct research in their graduation work.

GSU students presented their reports on their mobility process and mobility outcomes in European HEIs, the faculties and the courses they had studied in host universities.

The students highlighted the fact that Gavar State University provides students with a wide range of opportunities of academic mobility.

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