Gavar State University and Linnaeus University of Sweden have been cooperating since 2014.
Today, as a result of this cooperation, a three-day workshop on “Linnaeus-Palme” Programme has been launched at GSU.
“Linnaeus-Palme” is a bilateral cooperation Programme funded by the Swedish Government.
The aim of the Programme is to promote cooperation between Swedish and other universities, to foster staff and student mobility, to build on the capacity of the university administrative staff, as well as to improve the curricula and to develop the educational system based on the study and application of the best practice. The Delegates from the Swedish University Ola Flygt, Katarina Rönndahl, Katrin Lindwall
Jan Aidemark as well as GSU academic and administrative staff members and students participated in the workshop.
The GSU Rector Ruzanna Hakobyan welcomed the guests by expressing her high appreciation for the fruitful cooperation.
According to the agenda Mrs. Hakobyan made a report on “Education as a Civilizational Value”. She touched upon the educational system of the Republic of Armenia, as well as presented the main directions of GSU activity.
Foreign Relations and Media Department Senior Specialist Siranush Khachatryan presented the internationalization process of Gavar State University, GSU international cooperation programmes, focused on the importance of internationalization of HEIs as well as touched upon the internationalization indicators.
Katarina Rönndahl presented the history, structure, international programmes, faculties and cooperation opportunities at Linnaeus University in Sweden.
At the end of the first day of the workshop, the guests visited the GSU History Museum after Varsham Avetyan as well as the Natural Sciences Laboratory.

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